Private Label

Partnering with us gives you someone to come to when your company is facing a problem. We’ll be there for you throughout the whole journey.

We will invest in you and your ideas, helping them grow into success.

We will help you find new products to grow your business and attract new customers.


We’ll be in this together, both of us gaining the benefits and dealing with the challenges.

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Though we don’t have wholesale partners at the moment, we are always looking for that opportunity.

By having tried and tested different strategies with our own in-house brand, we know how to promote a product and make it successful.

A percentage of all sales will be invested back into your brand equity, through product promotions.

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Managing your account can be hard. Especially as a first time seller. With us you have someone to answer all your questions and help you take care of your account and product.


Services We Offer in Consulting


Keyword research – We carry out in-depth research to identify the search terms consumers use to find your products and your competition.

Product inserts – We help in  creating relevant product inserts to increase customer satisfaction, retention, reviews and ratings.

Managing launches – How to launch, where to launch, and when to launch. And finally ensure a successful launch. We help you to ensure that your product launches, ranks and achieve success.

Product ranking – We help you enter into the cycle of increasing sales and higher ranking

FB chatbots – With FB chatbots, you can attract customers, looking for a similar product. We help construct your sales pitch into a funnel machine.

Product sampling – Launches always go hand in hand with sampling. But you can always create the biggest bang for your buck.  We will help you find the most cost-efficient and highest return strategy.


Copywriting – We’ll help carve your bullets, description, titles and image direction resulting in higher indexing and ranking and an increase of customer retention.

FAQ building –  Carry out extensive research to pre-empt any customer queries and ensure the customer is not caught off-guard when buying in an online environment.

Image editing –Ensure that each product image is worth a thousand words. Ensure images meet AMZ requirements, but are also appealing and informative.

Price management – Ensuring that your price is competitive but also profitable in a world where your competition is only a click away




We will use different strategies to promote your product and increase sales as well as increasing customer retention and helping your company grow.


Lost inventory – Many times your stock may go missing, it will be our job to contact Amazon and make sure we get to the bottom of the mystery.

Reinstatements – We’ll help make sure your account and product follow all of Amazon’s guidelines and terms and conditions.



Transition to 3PL – Finding a new shipping plan and finalizing the logistics can be hard, especially for a new seller. With past experience, we’ll help you find the best one.

Geographic expansion – We’ll help you take your product over many countries and eventually worldwide.

Platform expansion – We are currently helping clients expand their product to the shelves of Walmart. If you have a different platform you would like to expand to, don’t be shy to contact us. We’ll learn together!


Did you know a frown upside down could be a smile. We’ll make sure to minimize the angry customers and satisfy the cranky ones.